How to Change Your Address

When it comes to your expected mail deliveries, This is better to receive.  If you’re on the move you want to make sure your mail goes where you go so the next time you ship off to a new place.

Access the website to click the button.

  • When you click the button it will redirect to the main page of website.
  • On this page go to the quick tools and select change my address
  • you can choose additional options to update your voter registration
  • Select from exclusive offers then designate whether your move pertains to an individual family or business
  • Now provide personal information including your email and mobile phone number to improve security and mitigate the chance of Fraud and the change of address process a valid  mobile phone number is required your mobile phone number will be used to complete the verification process.
  • which may include a step for secure multiactor authentication or a one-time passcode.
  • if you plan on moving back to your current address within the next 6 months then simply select temporary select permanent.
  • if you do not plan to move back to your old address now just choose a start forwarding date and an end forwarding date.
  • if your change of address is temporary then let us know your old address and verify your new one USPS will use this information as well as your credit card info to verify your identity for security purposes once confirmed the change of address.

Process is now complete you will receive an email and a confirmation letter in the mail confirming 

Your change of address first class priority and priority express mail will be forwarded for up to 12 months at no charge be sure to notify your friends family and any business contacts of your change of address if this is your new billing address you’ll want to update any Associated online accounts as well so what are you waiting for get moving for more information visit or your local post office location and check out other helpful videos in our shipping tips series.

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